Spent a quick lunch break in Chelsea talking life, footy, and art with Marc Ricca, a member of the Bowery FC Blackdogs.

Before you jump into the images of this hard hitting kit, here's some backstory on the start of the club as well as the elements that went into the design of the badge.

(Taken from the webstie)

"The “Blackdog” name actually predates the formation of the club and has its origins in the Bowery itself. The very first iteration of the club came at a time when the Bowery was still a neighborhood with a reputation: a slightly dangerous part of town frequented only by those who knew their way around. Bars and clubs like CBGB and Mars Bar made sure to leave a hint of mystery lingering in the air. The graffiti-covered alleys and walls gave this pocket of Manhattan a certain raw energy that lay dormant by day but was verymuch alive by night.

The badge aesthetic was designed to mimic this energy. The watermarked background pays homage to the Bowery’s omnipresent graffitied backdrop. The hard and sharp contours around the blackdog are intended to symbolize the gritty and hard-edged energy that the Bowery embodies."

Huge thanks to Marc for lending his talent.  Stay tuned for more exploration into soccer culutre in NYC and the rest of the U.S.

Christian GideonComment